Paperwork for incoming containers

All containers sent to Barbados should be handled locally by the Barbados company RDL Logistics.

Details of Commercial Invoices and information required can be found at RDL’s website.

Templates for commercial invoices can be downloaded from the website.

A Guide to Logistics with lots of informatiom about completing the comercial invoices can also be found on the website here.

Please follow the instruction very carefully. Every competitor needs to fill in the three forms .

1. Equipment and Parts
2. Tools
3. Used Personal Effects

The container coordinator should collect all forms (12 boats in a container will give 36 forms) and email them to Andrew Davies making sure the file is clearly marked which container it relates to for checking before he sends it on to RDL.

Please also direct any questions to Andrew as well and copy in the OKDIA Secretary.

PLEASE NOTE: This is for duty free customs clearance in Barbados and applies for ALL containers. Everything in the container must be declared.

Several people have already expressed an interest in taking a bicycle, but the advice we have received is to leave them at home. Cycling in Barbados near Bridgetown and the club is not recommended due to the state of the generally narrow roads as well as the standard of driving. It is not recommended.